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He is portrayed by Adam Hicks. Contents Biography Wen and Olivia Wen is the carefree, funny, laid-back guy. Although he has a great personality, he doesn’t like the fact that his dad is re-marrying a woman he doesn’t like. He also thought that the band should be named “Wen” instead of ” Lemonade Mouth “. Wen plays the keyboard and is currently Lemonade Mouth’s lead keyboard player. Wen is an early convert to the idea of a band. He is upbeat, enthusiastic, great on keyboard and a fierce rapper. Like Olivia, Wen is having a hard time at home because of his anger over his father’s new relationship with a much younger Sydney.

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While there, they tap out a beat and play instruments, and Olivia sings “Turn Up the Music”. Miss Reznick Tisha Campbell-Martin , the music teacher, said that they would make a great band. She also mentions a music show “Rising Star”. Mudslide Crush, a popular band were also entering so they passed as they wouldn’t have a shot.

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Mo Banerjee Mo Banerjee: A talented bass player, Mo strives for perfection and believes that she is destined to achieve great things in life. She has several relationships, two of them being romantic: According to Mo, her father and mother are very strict and perhaps sometimes a little uptight, such as when she mentions that if she gets a detention or even kissed by a boy, they might disown her, but they soon lighten up to the idea of Mo’s new-found independence and her love for Charlie, even thought they’re not entirely fond about their daughter dating an American boy.

After kissing Charlie at the end of the first book, Mo and Charlie date well into the summer between their freshman and sophomore year. Most of Mo’s storylines in the first book were her constantly trying to be a good girl to please her overprotective parents, struggling with peer pressure, her secret relationship with Scott, her growing feelings for Charlie, and subsquently her identity of being from India and getting raised in an American culture.

In the book, Mo was born in Calcutta, India, where she used to play in the sand with her nextdoor neighbor Rajeev Kumar. However, her parents moved to America to give their baby Indian princess a better life.

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Olivia Whitehead[ edit ] Olivia is the lead vocalist of the band. She also plays the accordion and writes songs for the band. Olivia is a bookworm, and often becomes nervous before band performances. Although considered shy, Olivia is sympathetic, considerate, and caring. She gets her love of books from her father, Ted. He always read to her and named her after a character from William Shakespeare ‘s Twelfth Night.

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Bigg boss 7 day 73 online dating My face turned red. Mo went to Charlie. Mo thought as she secretly drooled over him. New messages Active topics Unanswered topics. I can make my own choices. From the first song to the first kiss, there were so many moments along the way that made Wen and Olivia inevitable. Wen reluctantly replies that Olivia is his girl, and they hold hands. Why do I even care? Campus life app dating agency She looked at the text. Since When by MicrosuedeMouse Fandoms: My face turned red.

So Marlie all the way! I love Lemonade Mouth jouth the ending got me mad! Or some people call them Cho.

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The Disney Channel Original Movie tells the story of five high school students who meet in detention and form a band to stand up for their beliefs and to overcome their individual and collective struggles. It premiered on April 15, on the Disney Channel. It has been met with generally positive reviews, with some praising it for its many positive themes of honesty, integrity, and self-expression, and for its emphasis on the importance of the arts and of family and friendship.

Other reviews have described it as a “typically innocuous Disney channel flick.

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Yes Iowa High School Award Winner Every year a list is posted the Monday before Homecoming listing the four prettiest and four ugliest girls, one for each grade respectively. Each chapter follows one of the eight girls and how they cope with the existence of this list. Danielle, the ugliest freshmen, must deal with the fallout of how her boyfriend handles the news that she was voted on this list.

Meanwhile, Abby, the prettiest freshmen faces possibly not being allowed to go to the dance at all due to grades.


Sixteen-year-old Teddy decides to create a video diary for Charlie about the Duncan family and life as a teenager that she will be able to reference when she gets older. The Duncans are trying hard to keep everything together, but it is going to take more than luck for them to raise a family without going crazy. As out of proportion as some of the situations may seem, life in the Duncan house is likely no different from the lives of its viewers, with the obvious exception being that not everyone has a significantly younger sibling.

The family dynamic element of the show and the gasp regular appearances by parents makes it appealing to both a tween audience and a larger family audience. Amy and Pete Duncan, aside from their moments of blatant ignorance, seem to have everything together and appear to be able to function in a fairly normal way while juggling three teens and a baby. Mia Talerico is painfully adorable and the way the older children often use her as leverage to get what they want is fairly predictable, but there is often very little of Charlie and much more of the other family members — something I find a little odd considering the show is partially about her.

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Report Story Five high school freshmen: While there, they tap out a beat and play instruments, and Olivia sings “Turn Up the Music”. Miss Reznick Tisha Campbell-Martin , the music teacher, said that they would make a great band.

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Lemonade Mouth – novelonlinefull. Please use the follow button to get notification about the latest chapter next time when you visit NovelOnlineFull. Use F11 button to read novel in full-screen PC only. Drop by anytime you want to read free — fast — latest novel. Enjoy There I sat, wispy-headed and silent, barely listening to my sister tell a long, dull story. Wednesday was Family Night.

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