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Dec 18, Getty Images Directors Peter Jackson and Terry Zwigoff have recently come forward alleging producer Harvey Weinstein attempted and succeeded in blacklisting certain actresses from their movies. Last Thursday, Jackson told New Zealand’s Stuff that Miramax, which was led by the Weinstein brothers, told the director that Mira Sorvino and Ashley Judd were “a nightmare to work with” after Jackson expressed interest in casting them in the Lord of the Rings films. Advertisement – Continue Reading Below “At the time, we had no reason to question what these guys were telling us – but in hindsight, I realize that this was very likely the Miramax smear campaign in full swing,” Jackson told Stuff. There it is, confirmation that Harvey Weinstein derailed my career, something I suspected but was unsure. Thank you Peter Jackson for being honest. They asked which if the two roles I preferred, and then I abruptly never heard from hem again.

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I know for a fact that there are some things no one ever tells you about dating in your 20s, and you deserve to know those things. Maybe some of you reading this are in high school or college or in your early 20s, and you want to know what to expect. The dating world is quite similar to movies and TV shows where you literally cannot go anywhere without finding a hot person to hook up with.

Friends with benefits often turns into full-fledged loving relationships.

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Fox continues to prove why she is one of the busiest ladies in Hollywood, who always makes sure she keeps her bag secured. She has a new gig and this time she gets to show off her gift of gab, while helping out others in the process. This fall, Vivica A. Now on to Face The Truth. Judge Mary Chrzanowski, Dr. Judy Ho, Vivica A. All Rights Reserved The breakdown of each show is described as follows: On each episode, real people present their problems big and small to the hosts in search of solutions.

The panel offers their opinion on issues ranging from dating and relationships to bad habits to parenting, and studio and at-home audiences weigh in on the conversation and vote on who is right and who is wrong. Special guests and your favorite celebrities will also make appearances throughout the season. We have guests from all walks of life and we help them face the truth — straight up, no chaser. Face The Truth premieres in syndicated markets on September

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The truth behind those Brad Pitt dating Charlotte Casiraghi rumours revealed Pitt has been linked with several women after his split with Angelina Jolie in September November 16, And now a report claiming that the Allied star is dating Charlotte Casiraghi has taken the Internet by storm. The report from New Idea claims that Pitt has been seeing the Princess of Monaco for more than a month, with a source telling the website the two were “inseparable” when they attended an event at the Los Angeles Country Museum of Art last week.

The report from New Idea has been rubbished, with a source close to Pitt telling The Sun that the story about the actor seeing the granddaughter of the late Grace Kelly is “totally false”. Earlier, Pitt and Kate Hudson were also linked as a couple following the actor’s split with Jolie.

More From SBM. tags: city Dating new york Relationships Slim Jackson. The truth is that dating dude was his rep. The dude in the relationship is his true self. Both scenarios, me no want at all in any form. Mr. SD says: A great example is lets say i meet a a sexy celeb – Gabrielle, and know for a fact id wanna smash but i would expect.

The case exposed the seedy underworld of bestiality and the people who take part in the extreme activity. The forums where zoo parties — human and animal orgies — are discussed are full of threads with advice for those arranging events for the first time. Advertisement Advertisement Perversely, looking out for one another appears to be a common theme amongst those arranging parties where they watch each other have sex with animals Many users suggest setting rules Picture: Quite often men watch as women have sex with the dogs Picture: Getty The rules are important for a number of reasons, not least because the activities taking place at the parties are highly illegal, at least in the UK.

Advertisement Advertisement But still people are brazen enough to make it clear that they want to take part. Owners are encourage to bring their own dogs to the parties Picture: Getty He gets a number of responses including from one amateur photographer who offers to document the proceedings. But the desire for secrecy means the contents of the sex parties are rarely discussed in detail. Many spell out their fantasies in stories they claim to be pure fiction but occasionally someone shares their experiences.

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Chris was on the cover of the September issue, which featured a nude pictorial of the blond cutie. And he reappeared a couple of months later in the December issue. That was pretty much the last public exposure of any kind that Atkins would have for a long time. While the actor continued to work consistently, he faded from the spotlight until reemerging last year on the VH1 reality show “Confessions of a Teen Idol.

Lyle Waggoner – June Younger pop culture fans may not know who Lyle Waggoner is, and even ’70s TV fans might not be able to put a face with the name.

Here’s what a celeb stylist would remove from your closet ASAP 10 creepy thrillers to add to your reading list. These books are so good, you’ll want to read them in one sitting.

Bright with a freshness from the citrus? The rose becomes more prominent in the dry down, when it loses it’s animalic character and becomes more like clean laundry on an early summer day. Strong compared to modern fragrances but if you’re interested in dipping your toes into classic fragrances this is a good place to start; it’s a bit lighter than it’s contemporaries, especially during the dry down.

I already own Arpege and Knowing and White Linen so I don’t know when I would wear this very similar type of fragrance. It’s very nice though. Nov SmokeySings She’s sophisticated She is out of most men’s league. She does not settle for second best. Best treat her like the queen that she is.

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Click to share on Reddit Opens in new window The outspoken and beautiful co-host turns 47 later in the year and has shocked everyone, including her network, when she revealed on live TV she has been spending an immense amount of time developing her very own anti-aging wrinkle removing skin care cream. She felt the need to offer her fans and supporters the same innovative technology she has access to because of her fame. According to outlets, Kelly has been working on her skin care company for years, but has not been able to completely focus on it due to other obligations, which has hindered production of her skin care products.

Inside sources have reported that Kelly’s initial plan was to launch her skin care line last year, but was unable to do so.

Dec 26,  · The 10 Most Important Filipino Gay Films of the Decade () I tried to avoid the word “important”, because it’s such a snooty concept. But there was no escaping it.

They’re also the prized attributes of skin care serums — light, fast-absorbing liquids used as an alternative or in addition to creams or lotions. The biggest difference between a serum and a cream or lotion is what the formulation doesn’t include. Serums leave out occlusive, or airtight, moisturizing ingredients such as petrolatum or mineral oil that keep water from evaporating.

They also contain fewer lubricating and thickening agents, like nut or seed oils. Most serums are water-based, eliminating oils altogether. Serums are a top pick of many skin care pros, including Ni’Kita Wilson, a cosmetic chemist and vice president of research and innovation at Englewood Lab. Wilson chooses a serum instead of a cream for her own at-home regimen: Serum Costs, Serum Benefits Because active ingredients are more expensive than thickeners, serums are also the costliest product in many skin care lines.

But when applied properly, a 1-ounce container of serum should last months. Many brands come in pump bottles or have medicine-dropper applicators to dispense just the tiny amount you need. Those few concentrated drops are super-efficient. Serums are made of very small molecules, so the skin absorbs them quickly and deeply.

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Douglas Steinbrech explains the different procedures and how to tell if the famous behinds of stars like Kim Kardashian and Nicki Minaj are real. Big butts have become a must-have in Hollywood, with Kim Kardashian and Nicki Minaj flaunting their bountiful behinds on IG and rappers constantly shouting out the lady lumps in song. The booty is so en vogue these days, people are going to dangerous and illegal lengths to get more curves.

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He has addressed it, and I will really defer to him because it is something that he’s already talked about,” Clinton said in an interview with Cosmopolitan. On Saturday, Clinton joined de Blasio onstage at an annual comedy event hosted by the Inner Circle, a group of journalists and political insiders, to roast the mayor and other New York politicians.

Took you long enough,” Clinton said, joking. I was running on CP time,” de Blasio responded. CP time is short for “colored people’s time,” a stereotype about people of color being frequently late. On Monday, the mayor’s office apologized for the skit, saying, “The only person this was meant to mock was the mayor himself, period. Certainly no one intended to offend anyone. The skit wasn’t the sole focus of the interview.


And insiders say that businesswoman Katie is determined to use it as a platform to expose what she claims to be the “truth” about her ex husband. A source told Closer Magazine: Emily and Kieran just want it all to be settled and moved on with their lives but neither Katie or Peter are willing to back down.

Jun 12,  · Doll Identification and Reference Links This indexed list focuses on identifying dolls, not selling dolls off eBay. Links about cleaning, collecting/buying, identifying, packing, photographing, repairing, and selling dolls on eBay are included.

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The man behind the tough-talking persona: New biography reveals the real John Wayne The man behind the tough-talking persona: New biography reveals the real John Wayne HE was an American icon, the epitome of rugged masculinity, pioneering spirit and honest moral values enforced with his fists and a gun.

‘I was hiding out from the celebrity thing. I was smoking way too much dope. I was sitting on the couch and just turning into a doughnut, and I really got irritated with myself.

In , Kinsey observed that long-term homosexual relationships were notably few. Now, more than fifty years later, long-term gay male relationships may be more common, but the fact remains that they are typically not monogamous. In one recent study of gay male couples, One-fifth of participants This study follows the classic research of McWhirter and Mattison, reported in The Male Couple , which found that not a single male pair was able to maintain fidelity in their relationship for more than five years.

The gay community has long walked a thin public-relations line, presenting their relationships as equivalent to those of heterosexual married couples. But many gay activists portray a very different cultural ethic. Research Findings on Promiscuity In , Hoffman stated: A much-cited study by Bell and Weinberg , published by the Kinsey Institute, and often called the most ambitious study of homosexuality ever attempted, gathered its data before the AIDS crisis had begun. This study showed that 28 percent of homosexual males had had sexual encounters with one thousand or more partners.

Furthermore, 79 percent said more than half of their sex partners were strangers.

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